A Classic Tours Collection


J & M BARSHAY – UAE & India- Jan. 2013

Thank you for setting up a wonderful trip for us to UAE and India. The people in India were wonderful...great service and always helpful. The guides and drivers were always on-time and followed your printed agenda. It was a great experience and a trip of a life time! We appreciate all your planning and travel experience.

A.COLTON GROUP- Malaysia Jan. 2013

I just wanted to let you know that our tour in Malaysia was wonderful. The guide, Larry, was terrific. Everything went smoothly and a good time was had by all. Thanks again for another job well done.

V. PRESTON- Argentina- Dec. 2012

I want to generously thank-you for your effort to get my "unused day trip" refund. It makes me feel very good that there actually are ethical people in the world.

SILVER  FAMILY– Southern Africa – Jul. 2012

GREAT TRIP- Met or exceeded all expectations. Guides were great. We have several we want to call out for compliments. And, would positively recommend to anyone. We would look forward to talking in the next week or so.


CRAVENS & FAMILY– India – Jul.- Aug. 2012

WE HAD THE BEST TIME- All the guides were great and we loved the driver nashunt.  He's a real sweetheart. Your local staff went above and beyond for us.  I have raved about our trip and have recommended your services to quite a few.  I will of course keep you posted as to where we want to go again and we want to go back to India again next year. Thanks for everything. All went better than I had expected and I would not really change anything.  Feel free to use me as a reference if you wish.  



WE HAD A FABULOUS TIME and everything was planned very well. We loved the Safari, and all the lodges, food, etc. Tanzania is a beautiful country with very friendly people. Thanks again for all your help and to Classic Tours Collection for making this a memorable vacation. In particular, our drivers Hussain and Hari were amazing. So kind, considerate and knowledgeable. I was totally impressed by them. Hussain also suggested we do a “bush lunch” in the crater which really turned out to be one of our highlights.  It was amazing. Thanks so much for all of your help!


DAWSON & NANJI– Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia – Apr. 2012

I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU again for putting together such a great trip for the Michelle and Iman!  They had a wonderful time - saw and learned a lot, and now have a lifetime of amazing memories!  We've been hearing more and more about it each day...  We are so glad everything went so smoothly, and that they were safe and well taken care of.  We know you did your utmost to make sure that everything went off without a hitch and apparently it did!    As parents, it was definitely a HUGE comfort to know that they had an experienced agent and traveller such as yourself and Debika advising them and plotting this trip out for them with reliable personal contacts over there.  I've at least 2 other moms asking me for your number now - I think their daughters are now thinking of making a similar trip as well.    I hope you don't mind! Thank you again, Mark.  I hope my husband and I can take a similar trip ourselves real soon - you'll be the first to know!

D. ARMSTRONG & FAMILY– INDIA – December 2011

PHENOMENAL TRIP- The trip was utterly amazing. Thanks so much for all your work on it. It was, I think, our best trip ever. Often on the trip Mark planned for us - the driver would slow down for a few seconds as we came into a town, often at some crazy intersection with camels, cows and a mass of humanity and some immaculately dressed gentleman would get into our minibus (Mark Sood's representative) and introduce himself and be with us while we were in that city - it never failed to amaze us how guides appeared seemingly out of no where - it was the most well oiled and efficient vacation I think I have ever taken.  It was classy and amazing, the gentle way we were handed off from one expert guide to another.
Favorite Moments - Varnasi sitting on the Ganges in a boat watching the Hindu evening ceremony and then again at the sunrise ceremony.

M. KRISTIAN – INDIA- October 2011

PEOPLE: I still think the people's personalities are different in different areas and for me, they have made lasting impressions. I met that wonderful woman in Chennai who was my tour guide.. so knowledgable and had this regal air about her..not off putting, but definitely not the norm of a guide. And, when I was in Ahmedabad, I took the driver and guide to lunch before starting off for the desert and in turn he took me off tour to those underground water wells...I was soo blown away by the intricacy and structures.
Bottom line- I do know the power of your name in India. I remember being in many different places and if I mentioned you, things definitely took an upward swing and each person, would say...he/she knows Mark Sood!

N. AJAM & family– SOUTHERN AFRICA– December 2011

AMAZING TRIP- I want to thank you for the wonderful vacation we really enjoyed every minute of it. I will send you some pictures. Mark you have to start working from now on our next Xmas vacation I am open for any suggestion, it is going to be two weeks.


WONDERFUL TRIP- We had a wonderful time!!  You made everything easy, delightful, and such great folks to be with - even if we were mostly all geeks!   We miss your wonderful laugh! - The Carters

D. BROWN –Group– SOUTHERN AFRICA– September 2011

AFRICA- WONDERFUL- Our trip was fabulous, more than great!. We have tons of photos, so many memories. We were all trying to say which was our most memorable and we couldn't. Thanks for putting together the best trip ever.

Dr. J. FABIAN – EGYPT – July/ August 2010

SPECTACULAR: The trip you arranged for us in Egypt was spectacular.  The guides were great; they were very knowledgeable, cooperative, flexible and protective. We learned so much from them. In addition, the manager of your local office was very responsive to our desires, extending himself way beyond what was expected, to keep us company until we embarked on our journey home very late in the evening.  The guide who accompanied us from Luxor to Aswan was also a delightful person.  Of course the sights are fantastic. I have spoken to many people about the excellence of your travel services and fully intend to travel with you again.  By the way, the literature you provided about the history and development of the area and the sights was very informative and helpful in preparing us for each day's exploration. Thank you for making the Egyptian experience so memorable.

F. SANCHEZ– INDIA– November 2011

WONDERFUL TIME- Last weekend I got together with some friends and we talked about my trip, they were very excited and somewhat amazed.  Thank you so very much for helping me out during the trip, I really did have a wonderful time.


DIANE– Burack group- MYANMAR– Januray 2011

HELLO NELSON- Hope things are well with you. I thought Classic Tours did a great job and I was very pleased with their service. Also, I think you should consider working for them because the both of you working together made for a wonderful journey!  Thanks again.


I spoke with my clients yesterday and they had a great time.  The drivers/transfers/tours all went very well.  The guide got them always in a position to be first - riding the elephants, getting a good table at lunch, etc.  Then he even tried to get them on an earlier flight to Bangkok.  So - they loved their full day in Chaing Mai - and wished they had spent another night there.  Thought they could have had only 2 in Angkor Wat.  Loved Laos and the hotel and the river trip.  So - all went well.  Thanks so much for arranging it! 


M.JOY SMITH – AFRICA- October 2011

FABULOUS TRIP- I hope that both of you are well. Bill and I are finally coming down to earth after our amazing experience. I tell my friends that I am running out of ways to describe our trip. Everything went very smoothly thanks to your hard work and excellent planning...can't say enough!! Again, many thanks for giving us a FABULOUS trip...one that we will relive many times through our 2000+ photos.


ECLIPSE TOUR- The entire eclipse trip was excellent.  We were so pleased that the entire itinerary--very interesting, remote, and politically volatile--was planned and executed so well.  It is a tribute to you that we were able to see the entire eclipse from an exclusive viewing site, and then follow the entire fascinating itinerary including in the sensitive areas of Xianjiang and Tibet, without any problems.  I do hope we'll have the opportunity to travel with you again soon.  Do keep us on your list for further trip communications.


Just wanted to check back and thank you for the great trip. I know we packed a lot into a short time, especially squeezing in Cambodia for a couple days between Bangkok and Singapore. But everything went off without a hitch - no lost luggage, problems connecting or anything else that might have hindered us. In particular, I wanted to say how much we enjoyed and appreciated our guide in Bangkok, Saravut. He was very friendly, informative, generous and flexible with regard to what we wanted to see and do. He certainly helped us start out our trip on a very positive note and I'd gladly recommend him and A Classic Tours Collection to anyone planning a trip to Asia.


Only one more day of this fantastic trip left. You really out did yourselves and should take up Italy -- as Debika suggested. Every day has been filled with wonderful beauty, natural, cultural, spiritual, so much to absorb. Mille, mille gracias, as they say here. We'll give you details when next we meet and are looking forward to doing this again.

“The perfect trip”
We would like to congratulate you for arranging the perfect trip. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover unspoken beauties. Each day was an adventure in colors and contrasts that delighted us. Our itinerary was complete, and the guides, drivers and accommodation flawless. In addition to the expertise of a well-trained staff, we had prompt and thorough attention to all our needs. We like to take trips in which we simply sit back and enjoy. The expertise of your organization allowed us to do this. We never had a worry or care about connecting flights, drivers, or where or when to go somewhere. Well done! We also appreciate your time in helping us tailor the trip to our needs. You were quick to assess the type of trip we desired and made the perfect recommendations. Your kindness and follow-up calls are appreciated. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.
Lisa and Andy Smith, Wisconsin

“Fabulous adventure”
It was truly incredibly fabulous, and everything went smoothly all the way. We had a fabulous adventure!
John and Diana, Colorado

“Knowledgeable and courteous guides”
My clients were very happy with the varied itinerary, the sightseeing of the wonders of Egypt, the river cruise, the excellent accommodations, the very knowledgeable and courteous guides, the wonderful food and the friendly people, and especially the way in which they were treated. Thank you.
Josay Goncalves, Josay Travel

“Highly professional and truly classy”
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, and we did not encounter a single problem throughout our journey. All arrangements were delivered as promised, all tour guides were professional, ethical and well informed, all drivers were skillful in handling roads and traffic, and our guide was so friendly and easy-going, yet well informed, competent and knowledgeable. There was never any delay in any of the arrangements, from airplanes to trains to chauffeur-driven cars to getting picked up from the hotels for tours or trips. The safaris were delightful and the experience was beyond our expectation. You just have to arrange all of our future trips to India and other countries in Asia. It is very clear to us that not only is your agency highly professional and truly classy, but you know all the details of your trips first-hand. We have already recommended you to our friends.
Mehrdad Jalali, MD, and Behnaz Jalali, MD, California

“Everything went smoothly”
All in all it was truly incredibly fabulous, and everything went smoothly all the way.
Diana Armstrong (Bhutan, India and Nepal tour)

“Personal touch”
We visited India in 2008 for the very first time. The tour was arranged by Debika Sen of A Classic Tours Collection. Over a six-month period, Debika and my wife discussed the particulars of what we expected and wanted to see on our vacation. The length of time involved was our choice as we wanted to compare the services of additional agencies and also plan a trip suited to our needs. My wife presented Debika with a list of our wants and needs, and A Classic Tours Collection met every one of them. Debika put her personal touch on arranging our vacation. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable, and our drivers were courteous, knowledgeable and a professional assistance in our journey.
Johnny and Paula, New York

“Great trip”
We had a great trip, and I thank you. We enjoyed all of our guides, the drivers and the vehicles that they drove. They were prompt and the sites were great.
Beryl Dorsett (Vietnam and Cambodia tour)

“Loving every minute of it”
We wanted to send a quick note to say that everything is terrific in India. Our tour continues to be fabulous! Our driver is a great host, and the guides have been very knowledgeable. We’re learning a lot and loving every minute of it!
Lindy and Ed Ruggiero (tour of India)

“Everything we wanted it to be”
Just wanted to let you know that our trip went off very well, and everyone is back safe and happy. The arrangements were excellent. We were very well looked after, and all our questions and concerns were very well taken care of. Thanks for making sure that the trip was everything we wanted it to be.
Pratyusha Basu, PhD, University of South Florida (student tour group)

“Warm, friendly and charming”
Everything was taken care of, truly the “Classic” way. Our contacts in India were warm, friendly and charming, always ready with an answer to a question, the solution to a problem, or a laugh on the way back to the hotel! Their guidance was not only helpful but crucial to the success of the trip. Words cannot properly express my thanks. On many levels, India was more than I could have ever imagined. I fell in love with her people, her architecture and her heritage! The Taj Mahal was more beautiful, the desert was more peaceful and the message of the people was more powerful than I expected. I now know that it would take a lifetime to explore the wonders of India. Thank you, ACTC, for opening the doors!
Kristin, producer of Travel Café, NBC TV

“We had a ball”
We had a ball sightseeing, shopping, and just seeing new places and things. The hotels were lovely, and the S.E. Asians were a delight. Angkor Wat wins the highlight, but many things tied for second—boating the Mekong, shopping at Luang Phrabang’s ethnic handicraft market, the morning market at Vientiane. Thanks for all your help.
The Hopkins Family, Oregon (tour of Indochina)