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My interest in solar eclipses started in 1980, when I was working in India and escorting American tours visiting India and the Subcontinent. As fate would have it, I escorted an eclipse enthusiast group led by Jay Pasachoff, a young professor from Williams College, on a journey to view a solar eclipse in Hyderabad. It was the first solar eclipse I had experienced, and I was hooked.

Professor Pasachoff and I reconnected in 1994, after I relocated to the U.S. We now work together to plan A Classic Tours Collection’s solar eclipse tours, and both of us personally accompany each eclipse expedition . Pasachoff, professor of astronomy and director of the Hopkins Observatory at Williams College, provides an orientation during each eclipse. We’ve operated 12 successful tours together, journeying to destinations that are both fascinating in their own right and ideal for offering the best views of each eclipse. Our eclipse expeditions have taken us to such exotic destinations as Mongolia, Romania, Zambia, South Africa and Siberia (tours you can read about in our “Past Tours Gallery”).

Our solar eclipse tours have garnered a devoted following, with many repeat travelers joining us year after year. I invite you to travel with us on our next solar eclipse expedition. You’ll experience an intriguing natural phenomenon and a fascinating tour of an interesting land, returning home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Madhukar 'Mark' Sood
A Classic Tours Collection