A Classic Tours Collection
2006 TURKEY (March 29)

For this eclipse, we considered many options, including Egypt, Libya, Greece and Turkey. Jay (Professor Pasachoff) was reluctant to go to Turkey and opted for an island in Greece for his eclipse viewing. Given that it could get cloudy on a small island and there would few options for moving around, I opted to see it from Turkey. We selected Manavgat on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for our eclipse viewing.

Arriving at our hotel, we were surprised by a wonderful reception from the hotel staff. They stood in a line to greet us with loud cheers and claps, while we wondered why. Later, we found out that we were the first Americans to stay at the hotel (the area is popular with Russians and other East Europeans) and they were excited to receive us. The property was filled with eclipse viewers, mostly from Europe, and a group of about 80 young students and parents from India. They danced, sang songs and made our eclipse viewing an interesting experience. Our resort hotel was on the shore, offering huge open grounds from which to see the eclipse. Our group opted to stay in the garden area, and large lounge chairs were provided by the hotel, so we could relax while viewing the eclipse.

Our tour combined the highlights of Greece and Turkey, and the high point of the trip was staying in a cave hotel in Cappadocia, visiting the Underground City in Uchisar, and enjoying a balloon ride over the unique rock formations.