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Hi Mark,

The entire eclipse trip was excellent. We were so pleased that the entire itinerary--very interesting, remote, and politically volatile--was planned and executed so well. It is a tribute to you that we were able to see the entire eclipse from an exclusive viewing site, and then follow the entire fascinating itinerary including in the sensitive areas of Xianjiang and Tibet, without any problems.

Yes, our trip extension in Beijing went very nicely. Yoko was an excellent guide and a responsive local contact. She did a good job showing us the main sights, and when most of us wanted to attend a Peking Opera performance (not included), she found us a good one and made sure we all got there and had some background on what to expect. Yoko and all the other services (hotel, driver, meals, Peking duck banquet, sightseeing) were delivered up to a high standard.


Kyle Adler

Hi Mark,

We had a wonderful time with you and the rest of the guests. We watched the National Geographic show on the eclipse last night, which was very entertaining. Lloyd got a whole minute on camera! We hope to travel with you at some point in the future.

Thank you so much for making our trip so pleasant and working so hard to make everything work. You deserve a lot of credit.

Fondly, Wilma (& Robert) Pfeffer
Hi Mark,

Thank you for a wonderful excursion to and through China. It met every hope and expectation I had and added lots more. The explosive growth from 1988 to now in the Eastern cities is immense, and the different culture and geography of the West is fascinating. And, of course, the eclipse was exciting. I appreciate the many ways you created a comfortable atmosphere for all of us, and I appreciate the add-ons to Nanjing, Beijing and Guangzhou. The extra time in Xi'an and Guangzhou were both fun and interesting...time to people watch and fly kites, a river boat on the Pearl River, time in the shopping districts, fish market and pet (birds, fish, turtles, kittens, puppies and chipmunks!) market and great tour guides.
Thanks for the good company of you and all the members of the group.
Most appreciatively,

Hi Mark,

It was a real pleasure to travel with you again. Many thanks for being "sensitive" to my philatelic interests (needs!) and for being such a superb tour leader. Also, it's nice to have someone to discuss cricket with. The remainder of our holiday went off without a hitch. China was an eye-opener. Lots of pretty good pics, although I suspect Rolly and Kyle have better ones.
David (& Joyce)

Hi Mark,

On the last evening on Easter Island, I wanted to see the ocean one last time before boarding our flight out early the next morning. Strolling down to the Hanga Roa harbor and waterfront, I was captivated by a magnificent golden sunset - the sun partly hidden behind clouds near the horizon, shooting out golden rays into a clear blue sky. This was the perfect ending to a day filled with tension, suspense and finally elation from a perfectly realized solar eclipse (and the only good sunset we saw in the 4 days). Thank-you, A Classic Tours, for this memory!
John Thompson

Hi Mark,

We had a wonderful time and we appreciate your appreciating us!! You made everything easy, delightful, and such great folks to be with - even if we were mostly all geeks!
We miss your wonderful laugh!
The Carters- 2009 China Eclipse tour