A Classic Tours Collection

With over 25 years extensive, first-hand knowledge of Indian sub-continent, Orient, South Pacific, South America, Mediterranean & Russia, we only offer tours to destinations that we have traveled to and know well. Dealing with us, you get first hand information on all destinations, expert planning and handling.

The range of services offered by us include hotel reservations, transfers, tours, excursions, guide services, entrance tickets to tourist spots, arranging conferences, meetings, events, handling shore excursions for cruises and more.


Madhukar "Mark" Sood: CEO/COO


Stemming from a lifelong passion for the world, Mark is eager to help others realize their dreams of travel through his work as a travel advisor for Asia, Africa, South America, South Pacific, and more. Mark is continuously inspired through his travels, with his ultimate goal being to have his clients return home with a greater cultural understanding, as well as memories that will last a lifetime. Mark is passionate about educating clients from his travel experiences. He organizes and leads Solar Eclipse tours to places worldwide, most recently to Australia and Papua - New Guinea.


Mark leads many of our "Tours of Distinction" series while a select others are led by authors, photo journalists and travel writers.

    "My passion for travel began as a child and finally evidenced itself in high school & College when as a rising sportsman, I had the opportunity to travel while participating and competing in various school, college, regional and national tournaments and following my father when he traveled on work. These experiences really ignited my love for travel which I am happy to work in on a daily basis as a travel planner and advisor. Some of my favorite travel experiences have been exploring exotic countries in Asia, tracking leopards and lions on safari in Africa, meeting the aboriginals in Australia and listening to their stories, exploring the rural villages and markets of India, eating and sharing tales with locals over fairs and festivals. Having travelled to over 70 countries and some repeated many times, my desire to explore the rest of the world is unending. To Me- Travel is the only thing you buy, that enriches your life."


Debika Sen: President


In an age, where trust has become the main ingredient in successful business relationships, Debika is very proud to have built a strong network of guests, who then refer her to their friends. With a strong knowledge of the travel business, Debika has helped many to a vacation that best suits their needs. Planning a trip is a rewarding experience for Debika and you will enjoy her sense of humor and charm. She has unique insight into travel to Asia and often comes with the guests on tours that amaze even the industry experts.

    "Traveling . . . for some it's just getting from point A to point B. For me it's an exhilarating experience, a learning endeavor and much more. As much as I enjoyed my many travels, I found that I equally enjoyed relating those experiences to all of my clients and friends. As a result, I soon molded a most pleasurable avocation into a most productive and delightful vocation."